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Nyimak: Journal of Communication ( p-ISSN 2580-3803 ,  e-ISSN 2580-3832 ) launched in 2017 and an academic journal published by the Communication Studies Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang, Indonesia in collaboration with Ikatan Sarjana Komunikasi Indonesia (ISKI). Nyimak: Journal of Communication is published twice a year (March and September).

Nyimak: Journal of Communication has been Accredited with the second rank of  SINTA 2  in the National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia since November 2019 according to the decision No. 30/E/KPT/2019 as an achievement for peer-reviewed journals that have excellent management and publication quality.

Article published in Nyimak: Journal of Communication, is an article based on the results of research (priority), and articles on scientific reviews of contemporary phenomena in the field of communication. In receiving articles that will be reviewed by internal, external editors and reviewers. Each article entered in the Nyimak journal will be sent to the editor's section through the Initial Review process. After that, the articles will be sent to peer reviewers to get the Double-Blind Peer Review Process.

Before Submission

Starting from Volume 5 Issue 1 (2021), Nyimak: Journal of Communication accept the manuscript in English. The author has ensured that the manuscript has been prepared using the Nyimak: Journal of Communication template following the author's guidelines and not single author. Single author papers are only for invited authors or writers who have a great reputation for research or publications in Communication Sciences. The manuscript must also have proofread and similarity checks carefully (proofreading certificates and similarity checking results must be attached as additional files in the sending process). Any text that does not meet the guidelines, focus and scope of the author, is written in a different format, or has a poor level of difficulty in English, will be immediately rejected. The only manuscript that meets Nyimak: Journal of Communication will be further processed.  

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Vol 5, No 2 (2021): Nyimak: Journal of Communication

Table of Contents


Crisis Communication Model for The Covid-19 Task Force Team of Muhammadiyah in The Epicentrum Region
Ansar Suherman, Moch Imron Rosyidi, Erwin Rasyid
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4008
Abstract views : 517 times | Download PDF - 241 times
Communicating The Collaborative Lecturing Style to Millenial Learner in The Classroom
Lucy Pujasari Supratman, Aep Wahyudin
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4107
Abstract views : 119 times | Download PDF - 53 times
Shift of Pikukuh Karuhun Values due to Communication Technology Exposure to Baduy Society
Santa Lorita Simamora, Dicky Andika, Rizki Briandana, Widyastuti Widyastuti
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4144
Abstract views : 122 times | Download PDF - 47 times
Semiotic Analysis of Gender Equality Representation in Soy Sauce Product Advertising
Dian Nurvita Sari, Leila Mona Ganiem
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4298
Abstract views : 154 times | Download PDF - 53 times
Governor of East Kalimantan Political Leadership Opinion in Responding to Covid-19 Policies
Iman Surya, Sanny Nofrima, Niken Nurmiyati, Herdin Arie Saputra
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4773
Abstract views : 204 times | Download PDF - 119 times
Effeminacy in Personal Branding on Social Media
Zulaikha Zulaikha, Ninda Ayu Bistanovasari
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4784
Abstract views : 402 times | Download PDF - 168 times
Mediamorphosis of Radio Broadcasting on a Drive-in Concert Event during Pandemic Era
Vincent Atmadja, Alfred Pieter Menayang, Rustono Farady Marta, Yohanes Nugroho Widiyanto
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4806
Abstract views : 302 times | Download PDF - 96 times
Website Accessibility 3 Best Universities in West Sumatra regarding Online Reputation
Adzkia Kirana Dipa, Hanny Hafiar, Agus Rahmat
DOI : 10.31000/nyimak.v5i2.4203
Abstract views : 85 times | Download PDF - 38 times