Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The aim Jurnal Hukum Replik is too offer a venue for academicians, researchers, and practitioners for publishing their original research articles or review articles. The scope of the articles published in this journal deals with a broad range of topics in the fields of constitutional law, criminal law, civic law, administrative law, agrrian law, medical law and interconnection study with Legal Studies in accordance with the principle of novelty.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Every submitted article is independently reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers. The review process conducted by Double Blind Peer Review Process.The decision for publication, amendment, or rejection is based upon their reports/recommendation. After being reviewed, there will be four kinds of editor decision based on reviewers’ recommendation:

  1. Accept Submission: The submission will be accepted without revisions.
  2. Revisions Required: The submission will be accepted after minor changes have been made.
  3. Resubmit for Review: The submission needs to be re-worked, but with significant changes, may be accepted. It will require a second round of review, however.
  4. Decline Submission: The submission will not be published in the journal.




Publication Frequency

Jurnal Hukum Replik (JHR) is published twice a year, in Maret (Issue 1) and September (Issue 2). More specifically, the process of publication schedule of Jurnal Hukum Replik is as follows:

• Article Submission

Issue 1 (October - March)

Issue 2 (April - August)

• Review Process Articles

Issue 1 (November - February)

Issue 2 (June - August)

• Revised article

Issue 1 (February - March)

Issue 2 (August - September)


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



Articles submitted to the Indonesian Journal of Law and Policy Studies will be filtered first to avoid plagiarism using Turnitin and Google-based search engines. The decision on the manuscript for the next process depends very much on the level of originality and the level of similarity of the articles received with other previously published articles.



The papers published in Jurnal Hukum Replik will be considered to be retracted in the publication if:

  1. They have clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct (e.g. data fabrication) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation or experimental error).
  2. The findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross referencing and permission or justification (i.e. cases of redundant publication).
  3. It constitutes plagiarism.
  4. It reports unethical research.

The mechanism of retraction follow the Retraction Guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) which can be accessed at https://publicationethics.org



Withdrawal of Manuscripts

Author is not allowed to withdraw submitted manuscripts, because the withdraw is waste of valuable resources that editors and referees spent a great deal of time processing submitted manuscript, money and works invested by the publisher. If author still requests withdrawal of his/her manuscript when the manuscript is still in the peer-reviewing process, author will be punished with paying IDR 250.000,- per manuscript, as withdrawal penalty to the publisher. However, it is unethical to withdraw a submitted manuscript from one journal if accepted by another journal. The withdrawal of manuscript after the manuscript is accepted for publication, author will be punished by paying IDR 500.000,- per manuscript. Withdrawal of manuscript is only allowed after withdrawal penalty has been fully paid to the Publisher.

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