Kevin Christianto, Denny Denny, Agus Santoso, Chabelita Chabelita, Jonathan Gonawan


Competition throughout the business world is currently very tight and also the development of information technology is very fast by requiring companies to have new innovations and creations and to use all technology which can certainly maintain the market and consumers they have, then each industry must formulate strategic plans so that policies taken to be effective and efficient, not only strategic planning in the general field, but strategic planning in the field of information systems also greatly influences the sustainability of a company's success. Information systems are an important part of the company to support company performance. Of course, pharmaceutical companies must always try to improve their ability to compete by utilizing existing technology. To achieve this goal, company has strategically designed information systems that can help improve company performance. To make a good Information System strategic plan, an information system strategic plan is needed that can help optimize the strategic role of the company's organizational information system and increase the value of competitive ability and create competitive advantage. This research was conducted to make strategic planning of information systems to increase company sales and describe the Ward and Peppard methodology.

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