Sena Atmaja, Resy Perwithasari


The purpose of this study is to determine the right marketing strategy so
that the number of UMT new students is increasingly based on what
are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are
pursued by UMT. How to Understand UMT has great strength, the
strength is questioning because UMT is a Muhammadiyah charity
business. UMT also passed a huge opportunity which was high in the
public interest to continue their education up to college. The most
dominant weakness of UMT is the weak competence of lecturers, while
the major challenges related to UMT are the national economic
conditions that do not support economic improvement and the rapid
development of information technology. The position of the UMT
quadrant coordinate in the growth position means that UMT is a strong
and potential organization. The recommendations given are progressive,
meaning that the organization is in top condition and stable. Related to
really being expanded to continue the development of expansion,
growth and improvement, the most appropriate marketing strategy is to
support the development of strategies, including by improving the quality
of service, both for students, prospective students, by promoting values,
Islam and nobility.

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