Kajian Teori Pengendalian Manajemen dan Pengukuran Kinerja Strategis

Mohamad Ajib Markaban Mahiri, Hidayatul Lutfiah, Nur Afifah, Ahmad Sodiq


In this study, we will try to discuss management control, where management
control is an important thing for companies to do to help achieve their goals.
This study uses a qualitative descriptive research method by conducting an
exploratory study of the literature. The data collection technique uses library
study techniques. Literature study is an activity of collecting data from
various sources or literature needed in research such as documents, books,
magazines, historical stories, and so on. Management control is a system in
determining the strategy implemented and efforts to achieve organizational
goals through the control function of every activity that occurs. Another
element that can be expected to support the achievement of a company's
goals is the measurement of employee performance. Good management
control will improve the performance of employees in the organization and
increase investment opportunities.

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