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This research aims to find out the significant effect on the students writing skills in narrative text taught using webtoon application at first grade of SMK Teknologi Pilar Bangsa Sepatan. Webtoon Application is acronym from Web and Toon it means website and cartoon. So, Webtoon Application is digital – based illustrated cartoon comics. This research was conducted for 1 month, starting from October 04th to October 25th 2021. The target population in this research is are students of class X OTKP 1 totaling 40 students and X OTKP 2 totaling 42 students with the total number of students in the two classes being 82 students, but the students who were able to collect pre – test and post -test were 74 students (37 student from X OTKP 1 and 37 from X OTKP 2). The research method used is quantitative. The design of this research is a quasi – experimental research to find out the effect of using an effective Webtoon Application to improve students’ ability in writing narrative texts. The data collection technique used a test consisting pre – test and post – test. Pre – test Pre – test was carried out to the experimental class and control class before being given a treatment. Post – test is carried out after being given treatment, namely the experimental class using Webtoon Application and control class didn’t receive or didn’t use Webtoon Application. The results of the research can show that: (1) In the experimental class the average value of the pre – test is 72.30 while the average value of the post – test is 77.43, (2) In the control class the average value of the pre – test was 70.86 while the average value of the post – test was 74.08. In the results of paired ttest, the results show indicate a significant change in the pre – test and post – test values of the experimental class namely sig.2 tailed of 0.000 < 0.05, then H0 is rejected and Ha is accepted so that it can be concludes there is an average difference between pre – test and post – test learning outcomes which means that there is an significance change on the use Webtoon Application in the ability of writing narrative texts.


Writing Skill, Narrative Text, Webtoon Application.

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