Structure (Jurnal Sipil)

Journal title STRUCTURE (Jurnal Sipil)
Abbreviation National Journal of Civiil Engineering
Frequency 2 issues per year (March - September)
Print ISSN 2549-0710 
Online ISSN 2722-2713
Editor-in-chief Siti Abadiyah M.T
Publisher Civil Department – University Muhammadiyah of Tangerang
Organizer Civil Department – University Muhammadiyah of Tangerang

Journal of Civil Engineering (STRUCTURE) is National Journal, with a peer-reviewed scientific open access process, has e-issn : 2722-2713 | p-issn : 2549-0710 published by Information Technology Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang. Editorial Journal invites the best manuscripts that discuss topics of science and technology that are relevant to using scientific approaches that are well established and recognized and have an effect or can be generalized to national and populations, reports and quantitative research results using sophisticated research designs. One or two variables that use simple inferential statistics. All manuscripts must provide a thorough review of the literature defining the research problem or existing problem and a comprehensive conclusion discussing the implications and limitations of the research or argument.


Since 2020 our journal has been publish twice in a years (March and September ) ________________________________________________________________________________

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