Call For Papers: Call For Papers 2022 Vol 1, No 2, July 2022

Call For Papers 2022,

Al-Muyassar: Journal of Arabic Education and Arabic Studies

Al-Muyassar Journal invites researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners to impart and share knowledge in the form empirical research papers in the field of Arabic Education and Arabic Studies.

Focus & Scope:
1. Arabic Language in Education,
2. Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language,
3. Media of Arabic Teaching,
4. Strategy of Arabic Teaching,
5. Technology of Arabic Teaching,
6. Arabic Second Language Acquisition,
7. Arabic Language and Literature,
8. Arabic History,
9. Arabic Language and Linguistic,
10. History of Arabic Education,
11. Arabic Islamic Culture,
12. Islam and Arabic Language Studies,
13. Modern Standard Arabic,
14. Arab Islamic History.

Publish in:
Vol 1, No 2, July 2022,

Deadline submit:
15 July 2022

Please submit your manuscript to:
CP : +62 853-3923-8194
(Dr. Faedurrohman, M.Pd.I)